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Conny at Mix it Monthly has the theme of head peice for January.  When I was young I was fascinated by my mother’s hair, she would tease it up until it looked like a bird’s nest, I was always expecting a bird to fly out of it!

Author: Sharon

Live in New Zealand, with three cats. I have three passions, crochet, art and gardening.

11 thoughts on “Mix it Monthly

  1. I love your terrific painting for MIM, such a fun concept. Hugs Annette x

  2. Haha Sharon, you crack me up with your sweet painting and story 🙂 Love the blue hair and the bird sitting in it, hehe! Thank you for linking up to Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  3. Wonderful painting Sharon! I recognized your style immediately and was a bit confused because of the different blog. It looks great!
    Hugs Ilona

    • Yep its me. I wanted a blog that had the same name as my illustration website and the etsy store I hope to open soon. Blogger said I couldnt have the name, so I went wordpress, I am still trying to suss wordpress out! I will keep the Art inspures but just for paintings and perhaps journal pages. This blog will be about illustration sketching and not so much as about linking to blog hops, excpt where there is a prompt that I like. Hope that makes sense.

  4. Had a really fun laugh out of this one! My 90 year old Mom still does the teasing at a beauty shop every week! Love this fun art and the birds! I was thinking birds too with this challenge.

  5. Beautiful, I can just imagine your Mums hairdo!! Great work.

  6. Very fun Sharon!! Love this little blog!!

  7. Wonderful story and lovely paintig!

  8. Love your use of color! I agree, it is a very lovely painting!

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