Rainbow Splashes



Nothing changes

How do you get out of the creative doldrums?  I have had that over the past few weeks.  I have a painting in my head but it refuses to come out!  I have found when that happens it pays to look at past works and either get inspiration from them or rework them.


I did this pencil drawing way back, it was from a photo from the National Geographic in the 50’s or even earlier. Looking at it I was immediately struck that it could be a scene from any refugee camp today.  It haunted me for a couple of days and I wondered whether the scence would be so haunting if it was in colour, so I got my watercolours out.

refugeeNot so haunting, black and white definitely tells the story better.  I know my style probably softens the message.

Now to try and get that picture out of my head for next weeks PPF!  Happy Paint Party everybody!







Marie is a cleaner, and some consider her to be “simple” or “slow”, they make fun of her and some even bully her.  They are so wrong, in her world she is a hero, a testament to faith, loyalty and love.  If people took the trouble to listen to her mutterings they would realize how wrong they are, she has a wicked sense of humour that belies the “simple label.  They might even be ashamed!

You rock Marie.

Happy PPF Everybody and thanks for visiting.


Polka dots and stripes

This week I had to laugh at myself!  Did your mother ever tell you the ‘no nos’ of  clothing?  I remember her saying

“do not wear brown shoes with black or was it blue? ” Also pattern on pattern was wrong, which had me in a fit of giggles yesterday as I found myself wearing stripes and dots!  To honour that, I had to do a small sketch of the event, which somehow morphed into  a cat.


I think cats and stripes were on my mind as I have started making crochet toys for charity and one that I am very proud of is the stripey cat.


Here they are photographed with Zana.

I hope all of you at PPF have a lovely weekend and I will see you on my rounds.


Playing with Colour

Almost didn’t have anything to post for PPF this week.  My legs got entangled with a ladder when hanging up some curtains and I have messed them up a bit (especially the knees) and as a result have to park myself in a chair with my legs up or hobble around on two crutches.  I ditched the painkillers as they were making me rather groggy and now I can think!

The braces I have to wear mean that I cant bend my knees and sitting at a table is awkward.  So it is in the recliner I languish my days away.  Not all is lost as I have been doing some crochet, A crochet along that I had my eye on by a South African, Vanessa Smith of Hooked on Sunshine blog but didn’t think I had the time for.   So I downloaded  the pattern and have beavering  away.  As per usual I have completely moved away from the colours suggested and the order of the colours.  It is like painting with cotton.  Strangely enough the cotton brand I am using is called Paintbox!


I have been trying out a trial of Painter 5 Essentials and the trial ends at the weekend, I like it but wondered what the full blown Painter 2018 was like and decided to download the a trial for that.  That was 3 o’clock this afternoon, a burnt dinner, many cold teas later I have this to show you.


I love it!  I think I will definitely get it as it does so much more, especially with texture and thick paint brushes.  It will even be better when I get a Waicom tablet to draw and paint with.  I did this with a mouse, somewhat awkward to say the least.

Have you noticed that my colours are similar to the afghan I am making!  Do you tend to stick to a certain colour palette? I must try and extend myself and push the envelop a bit.

Here’s something to make you smile whether you are a crocheter or painter.



Have a lovely week and thank you for visiting.



Drawing again

I have not had much time for art this week, (in the process of redecorating my lounge) however I managed to get two drawing done. Something I haven’t done in a while. The first is of my cat lolling in front of the fire, despite it being spring here we are still getting yuck weather!



The next one is a pencil and pastel drawing which I might turn into a painting later.


From time to time I drag out this painting and splash some paint on waiting for inspiration, so far all I get is a branch going across, I am beginning to think I might do a bush scene.


Well that’s it for this week.  Thanks for visiting and thanks to Paint Party Friday for allowing us to show and tell!


Best Friends

I think the sweetest thing is when sisters are best friends, or perhaps when best friends are sisters!

best friends

I am joining Paint Party Friday with this picture  Some of you may know me from my old blog Art Inspires.  I am glad to say that my art  creative mojo is back, albeit in digital form,so new media, new blog.


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Hello There

I have decided to revive this blog as I cant get into my old blog My Place.  Its a long story and I wont go into it here.

Lately I have been getting into digital art and have just purchased Coral Paint Essentials 5.  Later I might go the whole hog and buy Painter 2018, but I will see how I get on first!

Yesterday, I started to play, and here is what I have done so far, it needs further work but I am quite pleased with it.


Will post the finish pic whatever the result , lol.